PR Dead? Kill Dumb PR


First, thanks to Shel Holtz for writing more extensively on this:

The "PR Is Dead" meme ironically lives quite heartily, but this article by Fuat Kircaali, founder of Sys-Con Media and a new service called Ulitzer, goes straight to the self-parody pile.

While Shel’s post fairly outlines the possible benefits of the Ulitzer service, Kircaali’s use of his soapbox to declare the Death of public relations at the hands of his own wonderful new service ( lacks credibility.

If you are going to kill PR, don’t announce your plans in such a blatantly hucksterish way that it would make any decent PR person blush.

Want to kill PR? Kill bad PR. I’ll buy the bullets.

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  1. Firms that don’t adopt social media will lost a lot of potential business, however, his the majority of his article is garbage. Not to mention his lackluster promotion of his product that will replace TIME, etc. is a joke.

    Again, firms that don’t get involved with social media will be left behind, but firms/companies that leave traditional PR behind and focus solely on SM will also be left behind. SM is not a replacement, it’s an addition.

  2. I disagree with the notion that PR is dying. Evolving, yes – but dying, no. People think that PR is only about the press release and strictly about getting coverage. Public relations is more than that. It is story telling, communicating, building relationships, training and branding. Just as not everyone can do accounting, or IT – not everyone communicates well. Social media does not replace a public relations program – it adds to it.

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