Limitations as Assets


This isn’t about knowing your limitations, but about how they might be your secret weapons. I sincerely believe that limitations are assets in disguise.

– A limited camera (as on a cell phone) takes its own kind of pictures, and accentuates your eye for lighting, distance and how things look from a distance. This photo is from my cell.

– Any musician with a distinctive sound got there as a result of some limitation in his or her playing. Thelonious Monk held his fingers wrong over the piano, creating "off" notes. Ornette Coleman grew up with subpar /d toy instruments, creating a unique perspective on tuning and melodics. Jimi Hendrix was left-handed, but took a right-handed guitar and strung it backwards.

– How many artists developed their influential styles due to some mental, physical or equipment limitation?

I’ll bet you use your limitations as assets, even if you don’t know it. Do you what they are?

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  1. Because of my current situation (and the companies I tend to work with) I have had to develop uber cheap promotion methods. Most of them have been quite successful but extremely time intensive. As I gain access to more money and thus have more expansive options…I always try and maintain my bootstrap mentality. Why spend money when you could get the same product and maybe even a better one?

  2. My lesson re: bootstrap mentality is that you can not only make do, but make the limitations produce something preferable, even a signature.

    another one– one reason the Beach Boys’ best records were in mono was that Brian Wilson had trouble hearing in one ear. Thus, he avoided the gimmicky “fake stereo” fad that most groups copied from the Beatles in large part because he couldn’t hear it.

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