Pan-Mass Challenge Training Update: First 50-Mile Ride

The weather has gotten better and the bike training has become more- well “intense” is not the word when you are having fun. And if I have not made it clear yet, I am having fun riding my bike, getting ready for the Pan-Mass Challenge, a two-day ride across Massachusetts to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (please consider sponsoring me at

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I managed to put in 100 miles in training rides, two of them with five local friends. Monday, we took a ride that I stretched out to 50 miles, my first ride of that length this year (my PMC route will be 165 miles over two days). The video below shows a little bit of that ride- much of it a sunnier version of last week’s ride through the farm country of Dover, Massachusetts.

Pan-Mass Challenge Training: First 50-Miler from Doug Haslam on Vimeo.

Thanks to the generosity of many friends, we are 37% towards my $4,200 PMC fundraising goal. With your help, we can keep on track and raise the rest. Please sponsor me by donating any amount at

Thank you!


  1. Larry

    Nice! Keep riding, the miles to PMC are the build up to an awesome weekend! BTW – what technology did you use to capture the video.

    Closer by the mile!

  2. Larry– I use a flip cam mounted on the handlebars with a crazy tripod I got at Target. Pretty simple, actually. I’m considering getting a Flip HD, but the regular Flip ultra is doing me fine for now.

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