Pan-Mass Challenge Update: Zingin’ in the Rain

We have passed the one-third milestone in fundraising! We still have nearly $2,800 to go, though! Please help fight cancer by sponsoring me in the Pan-Mass Challenge:

Pan-Mass Challenge bike training continues! Last weekend, I did my first back-to-back rides, important, as the PMC itself is a back-to-back affair, about 80 miles each day for me. Saturday, I did another 30+ mile ride to Walden pond with my friend Keith, while a bigger group, fellow riders Mitch (who dropped out due to constant inner tube failure, a sign of things to come), Stephen and Ed, joined me Sunday for a trip through beautiful Dover, Massachusetts.

As you see from this video (and others), I tend to keep us riders out of it and let you enjoy the scenery through our eyes.

Other highlights:

  • Training in the pouring rain; it rained hard and steady for most of the ride, but “You only get wet once.”
  • Falling and breaking my front derailleur; didn’t get that on tape, but it was as fun as it sounds. I finally forgot that I was wearing cleats and just toppled over when I came to a stop. High comedy.
  • Having a “wardrobe malfunction.” Again, not on camera (you’re welcome), though it is mentioned.
  • Taking a little wrong turn. That wasn’t so bad, but it’s not a ride with me if we don’t miss something.
  • Running out of batteries in my Flip cam. Hey, it happens. Don’t you like sudden endings though?

All in all, a great ride (seriously).

PMC Training; May 17, 2009- Rainy 30-Miler from Doug Haslam on Vimeo.

Again, thanks to all the great sponsors who have taken us this far. Please consider joining them by clicking here to donate any amount to help fight cancer through the Pan-Mass Challenge. Thanks!


  1. john

    Unfortinetly I am a cancer survivor and can’t even afford a bike nor the less to donate. I’m extremely sorry!

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