Grasshoppers and Gimmick PR


The other day I received a FedEx from "Grasshopper." It turned out to be a bag of chocolate covered grasshoppers- real bugs, a treat from Thailand. Attached was a tag saying I was one of only 5,000 "influentials" to receive this package. What about this campaign?

-In the spirit of Groucho Marx; anyone who would include me in a club of 5,000, I demand a recount. (?)

– The company, Grasshopper- included a vague message about entrepreneurs changing the world. I’m an entrepreneur?

-One friend noted that these packages being sent to home addresses without any sort of opt-in was kind of ccreepy. Good point, but I’m neutral on it.

– They got some good local media coverage, including. As a PR guy, I have to give credit for that.

-They responded to my query encouraging me to do a video eating the grasshoppers. I’ll try to do one, but not sure they’ll like it.

I avoid gimmick PR campaigns, as they obscure messages to serve the gimmick. We may have that here.

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UPDATE: the card on the package leads me to this video, which explains a little more about what they do. Was the writing on the card enough to really intrigue me? Was I simply mistargeted? i dunno– but in fairness here’s the video:


  1. So no context was given? Random. I figure with any campaign you have to have some call to action…otherwise it will just be a video of yourself eating grasshoppers? Seems extremely bizarre. Maybe it’s a promotion for a viral marketing company?

  2. There was context for those of us who went to find it. Thing is, the actual package didn’t really spell out what they do that I should be interested in. There could be more tho this. I’m just wondering if the expense and the buzz about the mailing is worth it.

    It may turn out to be so.

  3. My grasshoppers arrived and, as a strong believer in product publicity and catching someone’s attention, I was intrigued. However the mailing really didn’t speak to the message.
    I had no idea they were selling phone service until I checked the website — which I did so, if generating traffic was their goal, I did my part. A mailing needs to be strategic AND memorable. I’ll opt for clever every time. If it can substantiate the message.

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