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Big with Resources or Small with Agility?


Thanks to "Colonel Tribune (…eltribune)," I got a personal tour of the Chicago Tribune tower and offices during my recent vacation. One thing that impressed me was the extent to which the staffers I met, starting with Daniel Honigman, are using social media- as outlets, as sources, and as an inevitable future.

The question surrounding the newspaper industry is how to harness digital distribution for business survival; are they moving fast enough? Can they?

>From the outside it is hard to see how the success of smaller, nimbler moving parts within the Tribune affect, the bigger, slower whole, especially in light of the Tribune Co.’s money problems and the dour outlook on the newspaper industry.

Of course, that’s what’s so fascinating about this new media era.

(Disclosure: my agency, SHIFT Communications, has been doing PR for The Christian Science Monitor, a paper with its own innovative response to the changing media industry)

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3 Responses to Big with Resources or Small with Agility?

  1. Daniel Honigman is the man. There I said it. The stuff that he has spearheaded through Tribune Interactive has been incredible. His programs are successful and are a bright spot amongst a dour newspaper forecast. I think the important thing to remember is to even get a newspaper (especially a major one) on board.

  2. Doug Haslam says:


    Your name came up during our meeting– because of this, of course:

  3. Daniel says:

    You guys are both New Englanders. You should meet each other.

    Happy, as always, to connect. Booyah.

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