Bad Pitch Rants- as Plentiful & Predictable as- Bad Pitches


How should PR people contact media people? However those media people say they prefer. Period. If that’s too much work for PR people. well, that’s our job. If media people don’t put up preferences, well’ they make their own jobs harder (and "preference" can be "don’t contact me, PR people- ever").

How should PR people take the constant "bad pitch" complaints? In stride, and as opportunities to do our own jobs better, not as an attack.

This isn’t just about Robert Scoble’s or anyone else’s, latest rant about bad PR pitches. In the mere ten years I have been in PR, these rants have been a constant. I’m not saying that these ranters need to eat a nice heaping plate of Shut-Up either.

So here I am, getting bent out of shape about people getting bent out of shape. What a vicious circle.

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  1. I think some people are always going to suck at their jobs or not be experienced enough to know that they are sucking. You rarely here about an upper-echelon person colossally effing up. Granted it happens, but bloggers usually aren’t the only ones that do the complaining about it.

    My recommendation to a new PR person just out of college or still in school? Find some high profile bloggers (but those that you think will write you back) and ask them straight up how they like to be pitched. Make it clear that you aren’t pitching, and you will be surprised at the relationship that could form.

    Earnestness and respect are still hugely successful. I’ve heard honesty is pretty awesome as well.

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