How Do You Handle the Data Crush?


Yesterday, I was intrigued to find that Robert Scoble, spurred by the faster-moving relaunch of, wondered aloud about how to manage the crush of information that passes our eyes every day (…009/04/06). I look at this as not just Friendfeed, but any content you follow.

I am in Robert’s camp; unfollowing and working from a smaller set of content and people won’t do. The more people in a group, the more potential touchpoints for discussion.

So we are left with two of Robert’s solutions: shut it off and filter it. Shut it off? That takes more energy for me than simply shutting "out" my content feeds. I take another tip- more screen space. I can then shunt applications to one side and concentrate on the other.

Filtering? Lots of great tools-what do you use? I use Twitter search to cope with daily changes of focus, but it’s also effective to develop filters and blinders with the mind.

Too much content? How do you handle your content crush?

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  1. Hey Doug:

    Filters are becoming increasingly more necessary. Thank goodness that Facebook, FriendFeed and Twitter (by way of TweetDeck) all allow the option of friend grouping. Depending on my tolerance to stimuli, I can change my level of exposure :)

  2. One of the oldest questions for “web users.”

    Real quick, we use Data and store Data in many ways. We have many windows open, desktop assistants, running lists, and ultimately a “File (Data) Hiearchy” so we can retrieve whatever we need from wherever whenever. We maintain multiple aggregation sites including YouTube, FaceBook, Bloglines, etc. We have over 40 applications working to store, retrieve, and output our data.

    Having the option to maintain (adjust) your level of exposure is crucial. There’s more of course.

    great thread ..

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