Boston University Students on Twitter

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Boston University student Amanda Grinavich (to whom I am linked in a mentor program) to speak along with AJ Vaynerchuk in for of the BU PRSSA about Twitter.

I had been hearing- and experiencing- that Twitter has not exactly taken hold among college students (not a kid’s toy–hear that?) but these PR students seemed, largely, to be an exception (including AJ). The students asked a lot of smart questions about using Twitter in communications– professionally, and personally.

Also, students Ashlie Anctil and Angel Stefano produced some video from that event and a clutch of campus interviews. I thought they did a nice job capturing an introduction to Twitter from student perspective. Here are the two videos they have finished so far:

By the way, most of you reading this blog already know this, but I use Twitter. A lot. You can find me there at


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    Because they (not us/me anymore…damn graduation) are awesome! RT @DougH: Blog: Boston University Students on Twitter: [link to post]

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  2. Now I need to meet AJ… Definitely a cool talk and it’s great to see these students with a more concrete understanding of Twitter then I thought. Twitter is an essential PR/Communications tool, you can cut down on the time finding people and instead simply engage and listen. Twitter has definitely taken my career to another level…just because of who I’ve been following and what I’ve learned from those conversations.

  3. It’s hilarious 80% of the comments above mine are retweeted “twitter comments,” adding further proof that tweeting is very much akin to microblogging.

    If you haven’t already, Doug, you may enjoy following the tweets and/or blog of Sam Bradley, a Texas Tech professor. You can start with

  4. Stuart– no question, Twitter is a great communications, networking and learning tool- and yes you should meet AJ. Really nice guy.

    Ari– am following Sam now, thanks for the tip.
    As for the re-tweets- I use Shannon Whitley’s Chatcatcher, which i find pretty handy to catch at least some of the conversations around posts. And three of those re-Tweets are from BU people– those students (and alumnae) are up early on Sunday!

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