Public Relations and the ‘Bad Pitch’ Rants


I get a kick out of everybody going bananas when some media person (we can’t really say journalist all the time can we?) goes off on how they hate to be pitched. The latest- and not the least- is Robert Scoble’s rant that included a gem along the lines of "all email sucks." For extended discussion see an of the March episodes of For Immediate Release ( (also see FIR host Shel Holtz’ blog post on the topic. So what do I make of these?

– I can guarantee you that anyone who says they’ll never take a pitch via email or whatever will take a pitch that way if it’s good.

-Good communications never changes, but the people will. there will always be new content creators in new media who think they are the first to get bad pitches.

– We’ll always have the bottom class of PR people sending bad pitches. I can only try to tidy up my little corner of the PR world.

– In an early PR job I used to pass these rants around until an exec told me to stop. Bad for morale? I liked our not being the bad ones. Plus I was amused

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