Social Media Night School


Many people who use Twitter and other social media tools professionally shut them off at night. That’s pretty healthy, I admit. However, you could be missing something in the off-hours.

For my own interests, public relations and media, there has been an ongoing Monday night discussion on Twitter called journchat (see and seek "journchat" at, in which PR people and journalists discuss their intertwined professions.

Last night, I stumbled on "editorchat" (find that also on Twitter search),with BusinessWeek editor John Byrne ( shared his thoughts on the state of his industry, sparking lots of side discussion and debate. I hope that is a series, I don’t know that much about it as of this writing.

That’s a small sample of what you might be missing. I am sure there are lots of other semi-organized discussions going on in the off-hours; or, you could start one.

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  1. Hrmm, I’ve definitely checked out #journchat before but I hadn’t heard much about #editorchat (although, editors are the saving grace on my blog and love to hear their input). I’m definitely going to check it out now. Thanks Doug!

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