Uttercast: Boston Globe’s Ted Kennedy Series


I have been reading the Boston Globe’s series on Ted Kennedy and have a few thoughts:

– Flogging a book with a serial in the paper is old school. Still effective?
– Did this sell papers in the way, say, Obama inaugural special editions did? Will we see more if it does?
– The videos online were well done and very effective. Where are the embed codes so I can share them on my blog? I’m happy to drive a little traffic your way (my mom at least)
– This series is eliciting a yawn from long-time Bostonians. Not because it’s bad. It’s actually excellent. It’ because many of us are very familiar with thede stories and there’s nothing new to the people most attached to Ted Kennedy.

What do you think of this series, and how it ties into the way we enjoy newspapers today?

UPDATED: Dan Kennedy at Media nation has two nice posts in sync with my thinking:

The first one is about why he isn’t reading the series;

The second is on why he thinks the series is important to The Globe.

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