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Uttercast: Maybe It’s Not a Blog


Quick thought from listening to the great "Marketing Over Coffee" podcast ( Christopher Penn told of an older woman who said she doesn’t read blogs on her Kindle, but reads the Huffington Post (

Wait, isn’t that a blog? Apparently not. Same goes for podcasts, e-newsletters and more. Not only is format not the first thing to think of, what you call that format is even less important.

That’s why, after Shel Holtz’s recent post at that every company must have a blog, I said "No!" Every company must be ready to communicate, and there are any number of formats to do it.

And noone cares what you call it.

(Picture: Carl Yastzremski’s autograph. Does it matter that he signed a glove, or a ball, or a program?)

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2 Responses to Uttercast: Maybe It’s Not a Blog

  1. I see the point you’re making here, but shouldn’t we agree on some terminology for the sake of understanding one another?

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    From colleague @dough: “No one cares what you call it.” [link to post]

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