Uttercast: Cross-posting? Remember Context & Audience


I have often experienced "network weaving," where a conversation takes place across multiple platforms- like someone answering a Twitter question on Facebook, etc. This concept is becoming more and more common as we jam our lifestream feeds down multiple channels. I have always fed Twitter through Friendfeed and Facebook, and Utterli through Twitter and http://DougHaslam.com/. Some people don’t like to do that, but I find it lets me post in just a couple of places but reach entirely different people all over.

The challenge is keeping context. For example, now my FriendFeed comments go into Twitter. While I decide if I like that, I realize I need to add as much context as possible or risk confusing people; "Who is he talking to?" "What is the reference?"

I believe these cross-posted conversations can work. We must constantly remember our audience- and context.

How do you handle it?

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  1. Hi Doug – I push tweets into Facebook and find a completely different audience responds to my questions and comments in there. I do consciously consider what I say on Twitter and how I say it. For example, I probably won’t live tweet a Red Sox game this year unless I’m prefacing Tweets with @ (these don’t hit my stream in Facebook). I push pretty much everything into FriendFeed, but have yet to push from FriendFeed. I’ll keep an eye on your “trials” before making any changes there.

    Jim | @jstorerj

  2. I have done the same– pushing Tweets to Facebook– for some time and have had the same reaction– sop many different people responding on Facebook that I will keep on doing it. I do try to provide context, but not saying I am always succeeding.

    As for not live-tweeting Red Sox games? Umm, can’t commit to that yet, though my volume of Tweets during games generally went down this past season.

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