Uttercast: It’s Not Him It’s Us


Now that Obama is President, I can look back and say how moving, impressive and awesome the whole campaign was. We have invested a lot of hope in Obama, and he may yet be a great president. Or he could be just another politician in a suit (heresy!).

What I have observed is that the real hope lies not in what Obama will do or even what he represents, but what the rest of us could do. People were moved: moved to vote; moved to serve; moved to wave the flag; moved to tears. If that inspires enough of the rest of us to do something great- or even good- then it might not matter how good a president Obama becomes.

I’m not talking about this "Obama will lead through social media" stuff either, because he won’t. He’s a top-down communicator.

The response to Obama is like nothing I have seen. The difference in the next 4-8 years? Perhaps it’s not him, it’s us.

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ADDED: I originally posted this from my mobile (as I do all my Uttercasts), so I didn’t get to include this link- but I did think of the book my friends at Mzinga, Barry Libert and Rick Faulk, just released: Barack Inc., as I was writing this. I haven’t got my hands on the book yet, but wondered if I was touching on some relevant points.

UPDATE II: and Alexa Scordato at the Barack Inc. blog was kind enough to write about this post.


  1. Hey Doug!

    Thanks for thinking of us at Mzinga :) You most definitely overlapped with some of the talking points in Barack Inc, in particular, the whole “be the change” message.

    It should be interesting to see whether the momentum of Obama supporters continues moving forward. I’m choosing to be optimistic because I think we’ve already all seen some promise with websites like change.gov and the newly unveiled whitehouse.gov yesterday.

    -Alexa | @alexa

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