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When actor Ricardo Montalban passed away Wednesday, I inadvertantly had reinforced for me the difference between Twitter and Facebook.

On Twitter, responses to me referenced his role as Khan in Star Trek II.

On Facebook, my friends remembered his Chrysler Cordoba commercials. "Real Corinthian Leather."

Why the split? Is one group older? Geekier? Having superior intellect. Your experience may vary, but there is definitely a split between the user groups. What is your experience?

(And what does that make Utterli?)

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  1. Winston

    It was “Rich Corinthian Leather.”

    I first remembered his Maxwell House commercials, “Good to the last drop.”

    Newspaper articles primarily remember him for Fantasy Island.

  2. I blogged about Montalban and his Chrysler Cordoba commercial this week. And it was one of my lowest read blog postings *until* I tweaked the title to reflect the ads connection to my industry (multifamily). After I did that, the reads increased.

    My blog audience is primarily Gen Y and Gen X and I think the vast majority of them said, “Who the heck is Ricardo Montal-whats-his-name?” If they DID know him, it was the Star Trek types.

    My Facebook peeps? All know him from the ‘soft Corinthian leather’, which, by the way, was made in a factory in New Jersey.

    Twitter – geekier, younger. Facebook – older, more ‘Corinthian’.

  3. I’m with Raine – first thought that came to mind for me. Shortly followed by a vision of Gopher and Isaac yukking it up on The Love Boat (which preceded Fantasy Island on my TV).

  4. I’m not sure I agree 100% with Twitter being the younger over all. Most of the people I follow are above 30 minimum, and more than half are for sure over 40. I think it is the true social media addicts that are on Twitter. Give it another year and Twitter will be crammed with so much need to know information, the largest companies in the world will become the biggest Tweeters.

  5. This is the first mention of his death I’ve seen online (outside of mainstream news, of course). For what it’s worth, I know him from “Star Trek” (both the TOS episode and movie).


  6. Matches Malone

    I remembered him for all that, AND being the grandfather in the SPYKids movies. What does that make me? :)

  7. HeatherCWhiting

    My first thought was Khan – second was Fantasy Island and Love Boat. Are we saying that remember him for a commercial denotes a superior intellect? Ok call me a simpleton geek but Khan was a cool role!

  8. Generational gap: I remember him for his steamy latin lover roles, way back before Trek even. My son (who is 15) remembers him as the Grandfather in Spy Kids.


    I feel old.

  9. randy cole

    Remember, the Star Trek II Wrath of Khan was a reprise of his role in TOS Star Trek. That show was just as interesting as the movie, with the subplot about him physically and mentally dominating a female enterprise crew member. I was so upset when I found out his big speech in Wrath of Kahn was lifted from Moby Dick.

    Nobody has mentioned his role in Spy Kids and Spy Kids II (or some number). He was in a wheelchair in real life when he did that second movie.

    I saw an interview with Ricardo Montalban where he talked about Chrysler. He did the commercial for the Chrysler Cordoba, with “FINE Corinthian Leather”. He mentioned that Corinthian Leather was just something the marketing dept made up, and he told them Cordoba is supposed to be pronounced coredo-BA! with the emphasis on the last syllable, but they didn’t want him to pronounce it that way. The Cordoba was a sucky boxy looking car, supposed to be a euro-luxury coupe like the Thunderbird or Buick or something, but it was near the end-of-life for their full-size rear wheel drive cars. R-W platform.

    Fantasy Island, he was so upstaged by Tattoo.

  10. Wow, look at all these comments– thanks everyone.

    Ok, I may have remembered the “Corinthian Leather” quote wrong– it was more than 30 years ago wasn’t it?

    malisia – I wasn’t suggesting one group was older or younger, but that the early adopter tech crowd (Star Trek geeks, but not necessarily young) still dominates my Twitter, but not my Facebook.

    Fantasy Island, I saw a lot of that, but not in my responses. I did mention spy kids at some point,

    …and Shava– listen to the audio, where I talk about loving “Neptune’s Daughter,” in which he co-starred with Esther Williams and (I think) Red Skelton.

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