Uttercast: Do Taglines Matter?


Do taglines matter? They’re supposed to convey the company or product meaning in a snappy few words. But do the audiences care?

Forrester Research’s Jeremiah Owyang (http://web-strategist.com/blog) has done something fun on this topic: he set up a quiz (the quix has since been closed) inviting people to identify the companies in the social media community platforms market by their taglines.

Even though I am involved in this space and know a number of the players personally, I am embarrassed to say I only knew one tagline off the bat.

Why even admit that? Because I am beginning to wonder if taglines even matter. Perhaps Jeremiah is making the same point.

Do you think taglines are working? What makes an effective tagline? Have it your way- tell me what you think.

Note on the picture: Marvel Comics’ taglines for their titles tended to become the titles themselves: "Uncanny X-Men,"."Amazing Spiderman," etc. That’s why these taglines work.

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Update: Jeremiah has already called out my post. I guess I’ll find out how embarrassed I should be.

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  1. Doug,

    Good stuff. You make an interesting point in referencing the Marvel characters. Growing up there was just one X-Men title, “The Uncanny X-Men.” Now, there must be half a dozen. I think they’ve diluted their brands and emasculated the tagline.

  2. And no doubt the one tagline you did guess correctly was LiveWorld’s “Your Brand Lives in the Voice of Your Customers” …. right?


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