Uttercast: I Think I’m an Extremist (in News Consumption)


I think I have figured how my news consumption has changed & am wondering if anyone else feels this way;

I’m an extremist.

-My daily news reading has become extremely truncated; no longer reading the entire paper, I get the headlines, the whowhatwhenwherewhy, and only dive deeper on certain stories. Even the Sports section is not spared (but how about that Rocco Baldelli signing?).

– I dive extremely deep into features. In-depth analysis in the Sunday papers and in magazines is the other end of the spectrum. Good writing, Big news and my special interests dictate my attention.

– I am extremely local. The town newspaper and blogs get a lot of my attention. This is my community and I want to know what’s going on here. This is also my best chance to get in on current events conversations.

I wonder how typical I am now. How has your news consumption changed?

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  1. Narciso Tovar

    I have been skimming the paper more and more that last several months – ESPECIALLY since the newsrooms seem to be shrinking at an alarming rate! If anything, as a PR person, it gives me that much less time to reach out to the ‘survivors’ as they have been left with a sick feeling, nervousness and MORE work.

    Additionally, the features grab my attention a bit more these days b/c the in-depth analysis for me, like Doug, seems to focus a bit more on things that make sense to me – like strategy, trends, etc.

  2. Narciso,

    Thanks for bringing up how this affects our jobs as PR pros. We went through this in the last recession as well– how do cuts and changing readership habits affect who and how we pitch?

  3. Jim Storer

    I like the comment that you’re going more local. Our local paper is the only publication I pick up every week and read cover to cover.

    Interesting to note that Seth Godin had a post the other day, urging local real estate brokers to pick up the slack and begin producing newsletters to share happenings in their community.

    Jim | @jstorerj

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