Uttercast: Ok Fine I Have One New Year’s Wish


I am still holding to my "no New Year predictions" and generally not peppering New Year’s with thoughts I should have throughout the year, but I do have this…

In this coming year, I must:
– Remember when I’m not sure how some social media tools and strategies are working’ that no one else has really figured it out either.

– Get more colleagues and clients to use social media better. Not just for specific goals but in general; not just to "toe-dip," but find something that they can sink their teeth into.

– To, as I said in an earlier post, to "simplify" my content to get more coherent.

That’s it. These are not resolutions to hold myself to, but a direction to point myself in, knowing that I will accomplish what I am meant to.

Enough with New Year’s. Are you ready to get back in your groove?

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  1. Getting back into my groove is one thing – getting back into work groove is a whole other ball game, my friend.

    I’ll steal some of your ideas, if that’s okay? ;-)

  2. Question: Do you think the reason why companies have not figured out “social media” is because..

    a) those behind a lot of online companies are engineers who tend to understand computers more so than people. And social media is all about people not computers.

    b) companies don’t know how to be interesting. You see it all the time on blogs like techcrunch. These super serious people who simply cannot not make fun of themselves which matters in a social media.

    c) companies are simply too Machiavellian that they cannot relate to the common user. Jerry Yang for example in his blog after stepping down as CEO actually thought his time at yahoo was a success even though his stock dropped in half, they failed to sell to MS and failed with the google ad thing and lost most of there top level talent. It is like companies don’t have any faith in their users to be able to handle”we screwed up.” Twitter is not afraid to say we made some mistakes…look at them..

  3. Danny– steal away– warp ’em if you like!

    Gebadia- I think it depends on the company– and I’m not saying all companies- or people- don’t get it. I just don’t want those of us who might know a little something to get down if we hit a wall.

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