Uttercast: Respect Mah Twitori-tay!


Well, they’re at it again. We’re at it again. People in search of a way to look at how "authoritative" a Twitter message is have come up with a tool. Seesmic’s Loic LeMeur is one of the folks behind http://twitority.com/ Trouble is, authority is slippery. I don’t know how far beyond follower numbers Twitority goes, but numbers are not always relevant. If you have the right thing at the right time for the right people, then you have authority- even if you have 30 Twitter followers or a dozen Utterli pals you could start a traffic storm to a blog if you hit it just right. Find a way to capture and measure that and you’ve got gold.

My favorite post on this is from Mack Collier: http://moblogsmoproblems.blogspot.com/…ument.html

I don’t even watch South Park. I hope I got the reference in my headline correct. As far as the picture goes, I like to think the Scottish colors carried their own authority at times.

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