Uttercast: Is the Search Culture Making Us Boring?


Reading a post By Lois Kelly this morning on New Creatives/Old Creatives (http://blog.foghound.com/386/) made me think about how search has changed how we produce content. Rather than catch the eye with flash and entertainment, we lead with information – keywords is one element – to serve the attention-deprived audience who now finds us through search terms.

Is this good or bad? Are we becoming boring as we pack our blogs and other content with discoverable elements and forget how to entertain?

I suspect we will reach a point where enough people are great at search engine optimizing their content that we will come down, once again to being interesting and entertaining as the big differentiator.


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  1. Morriss, funny you should mention that video- as a podcast interview with Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan played into my thinking– and I didn’t see Rebecca’s star turn until this morning– here it is…

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