Uttercast: My How Media Have Changed


I have been reading a heft biography of CBS chief William S. Paley. I always find it fascinating to read about the births and evolutions of various media. This is an especially exciting time to look back, as we see the media changes of the past few years. I touch on this in my first Media Bullseye "New Tools Old Rules" column (http://mediabullseye.com/…st-c.html), though that is a slightly different take than I have here.

We have gone from "appointment television" to cable to VCR to DVR, from radio to podcasts and Sirius/XM, from vinyl to tape to CD to download, from daily newspaper to online and even more fractured news sources.

How has your media consumption changed in the last 10 years? The last 20?

The general theme for me has been a glorious shift to "on-demand" consumption. You?

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