Uttercast: What Will Change in Obama Presidency?


I got meme-tagged by Susan Getgood (http://getgood.com/roadmaps), asking me to weigh in on what change Obama will bring.

Change? I am tempted to snort that a politician is a politician, and we are in for our usual 4-8 years of partisan wrangling and gridlock, despite an orgy of Democratic majorities.

However, I do see some real opportunity for change, solely because we are at a stage where a new regime is coming in and people
are excited.

Change lies not with a single person but the feelings he or she inspires. I feel that people voted for Obama because he was able to rally them and get them excited- on top of an extreme hangover from eight years of Bush. The atmosphere now feels a bit like 1992, to be honest.

So, change? I look not to Obama himself but to the many people energized by his campaign and victory. Real change, I think, will come from outside the government.

Here are my five people to tag:

Todd Van Hoosear (http://morethanmarketing.net/)

Aaron Strout (http://blog.stroutmeister.com/)

Bryan Person (http://bryanperson.com/)

Kevin Whalen – not an Obama supporter by any means, so I would really be interested in seeing what you do with this – (http://www.punditreview.com/)

Adam Zand (http://www.utterli.com/AdamZand)

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  1. I went to a smarter source than myself for this one. My son says that the economy will improve and the war will end – sounds like change to me.

    Obviously, the economy and debt will put a limit on many programs, but my litmus test for a new president is the Supreme Court – it’s really one of the only things that I think a President changes. The other change will be how the good old US of A is viewed in the world.

    I agree with you that most change will come from outside (innovation), but an Obama presidency has great potential to change the way we think about governance.

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