Uttercast: Disappearing Ink


PC Magazine is the latest publication to announce that it is stopping its regular print edition to concentrate on the Web. In public relations, we worry- as print publications decrease, will there be anything left to pitch? The answer, of course, is "I refuse to answer such an ill-considered question."

While there are certainly economic reasons attached to the wave of disappearing ink, there is still plenty of editorial out there. Online is the future, merely exacerbated by the economy.

We asked these same questions during the rise of the Internet when online e-zines sprouted,and during the bubble burst, when magazines folded at an alarming rate. There’s still plenty to read.

I had the pleasure of leading PR efforts for the Christian Science Monitor’s announcement that the daily print edition is moving online. They also know there is still a print audience to serve, so they will start a weekly magazine in April.

I’m just sad because I never missed a print issue of PC Mag ;)

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