Uttercast: Measurement, ROI & Other Scary Words


Yesterday’s Social Media Breakfast in Boston (SMB10- have we really had 10 already?) bore the topic "Social Media ROI." The speakers, Brian Halligan of Hubspot, Matt Cutler of Visible Measures, and Andrew McAfee of Harvard Business School, all weighed in on a topic that clearly they need to think about every day.

What did I come away with? A mixture of pragmatism and hopelessness. Pragmatism
in the phrase "measure what you can measure." We often try to get our minds around measuring things that are a bit abstract. This is especially true in public relations, where our efforts are often a couple of steps removed from business results, or our ends are concepts like "branding" and awareness." Hopelessness? That our bosses and clients still want measurement and justification for the abstract. Don’t think we have the silver bullet – yet.

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