Social Media Top 5: I wish i knew how to Qwit you (but I know when you Qwit me)

  1. Wow. LinkedIn apps. There seems to be a lot of useful applications here– such as the Slideshare (I consider any public slide shows to be a part of my resume, so– genius), Blog Link (though you risk annoying people if your blog is not related enough to professional topics) and Company Buzz better, I suppose, if the buzz is generally pretty good). I imagine there has been mixed reaction to LinkedIn apps, as many people see LinkedIn as a clutter-free professional networking tool, in contrast to the zombie-biring, sheep-throwing world of Facebook. But LinkedIn’s reputation may help hold any approved apps to some professional standard. We’ll have to see how it goes.
  2. Qwitter: a site that alerts you when people stop following you on Twitter, and the last Tweet before they “Qwit” you. Is it really constructive to obsess about why people stop following you on Twitter? Generally, no. Perhaps, over time, one can generate data on the types of Tweets that make people run screaming from your usual stream of social media brilliance; I can see that. I was just generally annoyed by the extra “bacn” generated by the notifications, and in a short time using Qwitter I couldn’t make a true correlation to specific Tweets and who left me. Oh well, if you find the tool fun, knock yourself out. If you find it useful, tell me about it. I’m done.
  3. ReadWriteWeb on “Five Ways to Keep Your Momentum After a Launch”: First off, why a PR topic in a social media top 5? Because I’m in PR- plus, RWW is a social media-focused Web site, so there. Second, what gives a reporter/blogger/editor/whatever the right to tell PR people how to do their jobs? When that blogger is Marshall Kirkpatrick, one of the most PR-friendly people out there in content-land, and who knows a thing or two about both sides of the PR/editorial divide. Marshall gives great advice about posting links to those who cover you, following up publicly and privately, and, in more than just a “duh” statement, coming up with more “remarkable” news to create momentum.
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  5. Great post from Bryan Person on business cards. OK, business cards? Social media? Do we need business cards anymore? I still like ’em, if only because people use ’em. Bryan’s advice? Give us some space to write on cards, and material that we can actually write on. Amen! Sometimes, your business card is the only thing I have to write on. Trivial, or important? Important. And useful.
  6. So, Pepsi has a new can– and is sending cans to bloggers to promote the new logo design. Cool, they’re getting buzz. cool, there’s nothing wrong with the design. cool there is a Friendfeed room run by Pepsi, though some waggled righteous eyebrows at the audacity of moderating comments (please). Want to be outraged? Why did Pepsi mail empty cans to bloggers? I know it’s all about the logos, but what, are we supposed to drink an empty can of Pepsi to wash down an empty bag of Doritos? Not that this blog comes close to rating Pepsi schwag, but — empty? Hmmm.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on Bryan’s business card article, which I just commented on.

    I’d heard of Qwitter and immediately realized it wasn’t for me. If someone doesn’t want to follow me, I view it no different than a girl not wanting to go to the high school prom with me. There were other girls to ask.

  2. Maybe with authentically old cans the acid would’ve burned a hole in them by now. Or maybe they couldn’t keep the old formula real, with hard-to-find ingredients like sassafras.

  3. Ari– always like passing on a good link.

    Peter– I can see passing on filling the old cans, but why not a gratis can of tonic (I’m from Boston) while they;re at it?

  4. Heh, no Pepsi cans here either, but I’m starting to wonder if they did this whole campaign the wrong way. There’s buzz but no excitement.

    If you figure out a good use for Qwitter, let me know.

  5. I love Qwitter because I have a bunch of people who follow me – then unfollow (just to have a bunch of followers) – so Qwitter helps me weed those people out (if you unfollow, I unfollow).

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