Uttercast: Obsessed with Numbers


I finally filled the gas tank on my car for the first time, and- wow! It feels good to pay $20 for a fill-up, but still only gas up as frequently as always.

I will admit to being obsesses with the gas mileage meter on my new car (a 2009 Honda Fit), and ride the ups and downs of my car’s mpg emotionally as the number moves based on how I’m driving at the time. I sometimes worry that I pay more attention to the number than I do to the road.

It’s a reminder that while the numbers- metrics- are important, if we pay too much attention to them, do we lose sight of what we are doing? For the same reason I am cautious about getting too lost in the measurement debate in my industy, public relations. What do you think?

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  1. John Haslam

    I know what you mean. The same thing tends to happen in Christian ministry. I’m so busy wondering are we reaching out to mkore people that i can miss the impact of a conversation or program. We’re not pushing a product so the dynamics differ but we all deal with people in our life at work as well as at home. Keep our eyes on the destination. Live well, love well. Make a difference. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

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