Uttercast: My #twitspiration


Scott Monty (@scottmonty) hipped me to a meme he is spreading called "#twitspiration"- who got you on Twitter?

My story won’t fit in 140 caracters, so I’m putting it here. In October 2006, just after PodCamp Boston I, Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) and/or Christopher Penn (@cspenn), the PodCamp founders, told me about Twitter. I signed up, poked around, and wasn’t sure why I would use it.

In February 2007, C.C. Chapman (@cc_chapman) raved about using Twitter to tell friends about being stuck in Memphis with his family. People like Jeff Pulver came through with hotel, car, and pizza. OK, I thought, I get it now, and started using Twitter on March 1.

I was still baffled by the stream of useless "lunch" Tweets, even writing a blog post about instant burnout. I challenged people to entertain me, and folks like Steve Coulson (@gideontelevision) and "The Diva" (@thedivarockin) complied. I haven’t looked back.

If you’re on Twitter, who is your Twitspiration (heck, what about Utterli)?

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