Uttercast; It’s All About Me!


My friend Scott Monty posted this week (http://www.scottmonty.com/…media.html) about how a lot of people post too much about themselves. I agree that blogging and other social media are narcissistic exercises in which we frequently talk about ourselves and stroke our egos. The post made me ask if I post too much about myself- I have no idea if this kind of blog was what he was talking about.

However, the more I thought about it, and after joking in the comments, the more strongly I feel that we should not discourage "ego" blogging. Why? Our best thoughts come from our own experiences and we can only teach from what we know. If we are being too egotistically pedantic, our audience will let us know by disappearing.

So- keep blogging about yourself. It’s valuable. Do you agree?

(btw- that’ my car- me!)

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  1. Too true– I have written elsewhere– and say it often– about just getting your content out there. Who are we to say our content sucks? Let the audience decide!

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