Uttercast: Origin Story


Going through boxes in the basement, I came across some of my old Boy Scout stuff. Most significant were a bunch of patches from the Order of the Arrow, a fraternity of sorts within the Scouts.

Why? For the better part of a decade, I was on the Shows staff for the national conferences (NOACs). I would help design and program the visual shows- starting with slides, but incorporating audio and video. I quickly became aware of the effect any part of these shows could have on the young attendees- to teach, to inspire, to go on and become leaders themselves.

This was how I became involved in media. What is your origin story (that almost sounds like I am asking a superhero- heh)?

and yes, this posts’ subject is unapologetically me (http://www.scottmonty.com/…edia.html). Make the comments about you. I really do want to hear your stories.

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