1. Congratulations on 10 years in PR, Doug.

    I’ve found teaching others about things to be an amazing experience and growth opportunity. I still get shy about going out and meeting new people but I’ve been lucky over the last year to meet some awesome people just as a result of going to local events.

  2. hi Doug, Love this post. It sounds like you really care about the story that you, as a PR rep, are sending out for the client, which is more than I can say for a lot of PR people I have dealt with in the past.

  3. Doug, Congrats on year #10, and thanks for the mention. Very thoughtful post…

    I can’t understate the importance of #7 – and it’s impact on so many of the other items on your list. If you network well–and aren’t a total creep–it’ll help with almost every other insight you share here!

    Oh, could you fix the link to SocialSphere? It’s http://socialsphere.net/ — you missed the t at the end. Thanks! Or even better help me plug my new blog by linking to http://morethanmarketing.net/ ? :-)

    Was that your cake, BTW?

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