Social Media Top 5: I Have Fallen Out of Favor (sniff)

time for another Social Media Top 5. I noticed two things after compiling this: refreshingly, no mention of the financial crisis (yet), and I haven’t been making stuff up so much lately (that alright with everyone?).

  1. Unofficial Top 50 Tweeples to Follow” announced, and who is NOT on the list? I am outraged and call for a boycott. I would be happy to present my Top Tweeple bona fides to an accredited independent arbiter. How could this happen (aside from my ignoring the voting process)? “Unofficial,” indeed!

    Seriously, congratulations to those of you veteran Twitterers who made the list. Enjoy your filthy ill-gotten spoils. This just adds insult to injury in a week where none of my Tweets made it onto the latest “Hack the Debate.”

  2. One reason for my sudden drop in popularity could be my lack of sartorial sophistication. Scott Monty, director of social media at Ford, has the answer, as always— the social media rock star is practically naked without collar stays! I look forward to Scott’s future posts in this series: garters for the well-socked man, suspenders (braces for you Brits) will take over for belts, and the proper way to break in your bowler hat. Keep ’em coming, and good luck promoting those new-fangled auto-mobiles!

  3. Nice, thought-provoking post by Jason Bender: “People Aren’t Brands. Ever.” I disagree, but many of the arguments may be semantic in nature. Go on over; what do you think?
  4. Saturday Night Live Bailout Sketch gets pulled from online sites. I was entertained by the conspiracy theorists saying the sketch was pulled because it made fun of the powerful George Soros. I tend to agree with folks who think it was pulled because the “People Who Should Be Shot” were not fictional characters. That could be a legal problem I suppose.
  5. I am fascinated by the way people’s opinions on use of social media change. Peter Kim is one of the latest examples, changing the way he uses Twitter. Now he follows (most) everyone back. More than my agreeing with that approach, it shows that “best practices” in these new media are evolving. Make your own best practices and run with them- oh, and publish them too.

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  1. hmmm is this like American Top 40? Can’t chase the monkey, it’s like a crack pipe. So my son needs to get to bed and that’s where I’m going. The top 50 tweeples, Power Blogs, List of lists, will have to wait.

    But what matters is you matter to the people that you matter to.

    When you decipher that let me know.

  2. “Now he follows (most) everyone back. More than my agreeing with that approach…”

    Do you evaluate (if briefly) the tweets of our followers before you follow back ? And if so, do you have a threshold for relevance ? Or is critical mass really the only way to grow your social media footprint ?

    signed- poorly ranked by

  3. Albert– yes, these things are silly but fun. I reserve the right to ridicule any list i am not on.

    Alan, i do peek at each Twitter page before following back, to make sure I don;t consider them spammers or abusive. My threshold for relevance is fairly low, because I frankly don’t want to miss out on someone good due to a bad judgment.

    Critical mass? at some point the network supports itself and starts to find you. I’m not sure i can assign a number to that.

  4. Hi Doug – posting during baseball, eh?

    I’m with you, because I need to click on an account to follow back, I look at stats in particular. If someone has recently joined Twitter and is following 2,000, then it’s pretty clear they’re a spammer. Second criteria – I drop people who send me sales-related DMs, e.g. “use this 15% off coupon to buy from my website.”

    After I started on the new course, I ran across this page for the first time:

  5. Peter, I have been seeing those same “suspended” pages for a while now as well.

    I am also annoyed with the DMs like those you get– though I try to discern if it’s someone redeemable making a mistake or someone spamming.

    If you can believe,it, I don;t bulk-follow people back. I actually at least have a cursory look at their pages.

  6. Doug
    My sense is social media is SO new that taking about best practices makes no sense. We’ll wade through this for the next few years and turn the thing around 180 degrees till we realize we were and are wrong all the while.

  7. doug, I blame it all on the economy. For i too am shocked that myself with my beefy 300 followers are not on the top tweeps list. Feels like Dignation conspiracy II to me. I’m pissed~ thanks Doug for bringing it to my attention. Heads are gonna roll.

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