Uttercast: News Shortage?


I was surprised to hear via Utterli last night about gas shortages in North Carolina. Later a neighbor told me her friend in Georgia is experiencing even worse shortages.

I did a Google News search this morning and found only local coverage. Where’s the New York Times? The Today Show? It’s possible I missed some national coverage but it shouldn’t be so hard to find. As I conjure memories of 1970s gas lines I also wonder why this isn’t considered a big news story:

– Perhaps the mortgage bailout story swamps everything else
– Has the economic state of the news industry caused them to miss a regional story with potential national implications?

– Why the shortage? Is it the hurricanes? Something else? Why wasn’t the shortage anticipated?

Am I wrong in thinking this is a bigger story than the news media do? Is good old word of mouth, amplified by Twitter, Utterli et al, becoming a better source of news? Sometimes I wonder.

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  1. Doug,
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention via Twitter. I absolutely agree with you that this is bigger than North Carolina/Georgia and that it deserves more coverage – even in the midst of the bailout story(ies).

    Perhaps the media could take a look at their convention of repeating the same story ad nauseam each day – and instead, rotate new news such as the gas shortage story you’ve brought to our attention.

    Greatly appreciate this one, Doug.

    Keep STRONG!

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