Utterzcast: Afraid of Cat-Blogging?


Are you afraid you are cat-blogging? I don’t mean literally (heaven forfend), but are you afraid your content is trivial?

Don’t be, for two reasons. First, better to get your content out there and let the readers decide. Your nose for what works improves over time. Second, who are you to say your content isn’t worth publishing? Put it out there, it’s more brilliant than you think.

Microblogging, like Twitter et al, has lowered our resistance to from-the-hip posting, and I think that’s mostly for the good.

Except for cat blogging.

Yes, that’s my cat in the photo.

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  1. I agree our look at the length of posts are changing with micro-blogging. But I am more in letting the dogs out. their attention span is shorter than a cat

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