Utterzcast: The Rule of 3


I think often of the Rule of 3. Why is 3 such a magic number?

3 is not 2, it’s "many."

3 is the tiebreaker.

3 is the synthesis tying together thesis and antithesis.

3 is odd.

3 is more.

Get the picture? Does 3 help you male decisions?

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  1. Ahem, Doug! (Take a look at your very last question. I think you meant “make” decisions! :-) )

    More seriously: that is an EXCELLENT theory. And,yes, 3 is one way I make decisions.

    BTW: How about adding 3 traffic light colors, as another example? Especially considering that we have to make decisions each time we regard those 3 traffic light colors…

    Keep STRONG, Doug!

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