Social Media Top 5: Phweet Phound of Phuccess

Ok, trying to make a pun I made a naughty sounding blog title. Dear me. Well, here I go, thanks to some phriends on Twitter:

  1. Phweet? Phounds like im Liphping. Not sure how this audio-for-Twitter service works here, but I’ll add it to the pile along with, Plurk, Rejaw, Jaiku, Brightkite and a bunch of other services I could use more. Or not.
  2. Is “Editorial” the same as “Blog?” Perhaps there are some logical gymnastics performed in this article, but as I feel it’s healthy to look beyond format and examine content and intent, they may be closer cousins than some bloggers – or editors – may want to admit.
  3. Has the Age of Blogging as the path to fame passed to the Age of Twitter? Ask longtime, well-read blogger Francine McKenna, whose Twitterings led to an appearance in the Financial Times. I will agree that Twitter is getting more mainstream press mentions lately.
  4. As the social media world kept their ear to the virtual ground for advance word of Sen. Barack Obama’s choice of a presidential running mate, I can only think that this sweepstakes could have been settled via a YouTube contest. This struck me as a model for a winning entry:
  5. And last, I just thought this was a nice “down for maintenance” message.

Hat tips to Bostonwriter, Scott Pooler, John Carson and Francine McKenna


  1. Hi Doug
    Heard your Phweet Phound and smiled!!!

    Phweet is a naughty little virus anyways. It travels over Twitter letting anyone talk escalating quickly to a conversation without further exchange of any information.

    I’d be happy to share more around Phweet and run a demo with you. This could be a great tool for media and PR to quickly escalate conversations with your customers. I’m @stuarthenshall on Twitter.

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