Utterzcast: Keeping score is fun but then what?


Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I love keeping score and following shiny round numbers. I can also get quite competitive in my work if someone gets my back up.

That said, I separate those fun bits from what really pushes us all forward; content and ideas, fueled by your community (community or content first? That’s another topic).

That’s why I am not a fan of the PRWeek blog contest (http://www.prweekus.com/…ction/477). I know I have said it before in several places, but what a bunch of nonsense encouraging us to act like we’re in junior high school. Where’s the celebration of the best content? Where are all the great ideas? PRWeek could own this, and then it would be great. Oh well.

Maybe I should start my own contest. What’s your favorite PR blog content? Want to share?

By the way- www.DougHaslam.com is not in the contest. I have never branded my blog as stricly PR. That’s fine by me.

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  1. ..meaning, the Manhattan folks aren’t hip to the whole “blog” thing yet?

    Doesn’t matter to me. The content is what I’m after– show value to me– and to the Manhattan PR folks– by highlighting what all these smart PR folks are saying, rather than have this silly potato sack race.

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