Utterzcast: Do you need rules?


I am one of those people that likes to break rules, but also likes to have them in place first. Does that make me not so"free?" I don’t think so. Maybe I like editing over writing due to this.

I think of it this way; even most improvisitory jazz musicians vamp over a predetermined set of chord changes, often based on a Broadway tune. Even the truly "free" jazz usually rests on some loose framework.

How about you? Do you need rules?

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  1. Rules – well I think rules are the foundation for a civilized society. Clearly some people feel they are above the rules (can you say Spitzer) but some people are perfectly content with them.

    I dont think rules are meant to be like Jazz meaning that you can interpret them in improvisational ways – but sometimes bending the rules are the best way to get something done in a company so who am I to throw stones ;-)

  2. Thanks, Paul.

    There are different types of rules, I admit. The “no diapers in the pool” one stays ironclad in my book, and at the office, I’ll never mess with expense report procedures. I was taking a few liberties in the analogy.

    I’m not talking about rules as law so much as rules for “how to tie your shoes,” “how to write a press release” or “how to run a project team.” Learn how to do it, then make it your own.

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