Utterzcast: Mojo is making me hate the Beatles


I love Mojo, a great British music monthly. Their monthly CDs are often a treat featuring new bands, summing up trend. or highlighting a rock star’s influences and favorites.

But every once in a while, they unleash recreations of Beatle albums, comprised of cover versions, that are staggeringly awful. I mean, jam knitting needles into your cochlea awful. I have favorite Beatles covers, so this comes as a surprise, but just take my word for it- stay away.

The recent Revolver And Sgt. Pepper recreations gave me nightmares and eczema, so I am steeling myself for Disc 1 of the White Album. Bad enough? Next month they threaten us with Disc 2, including a cover of "Revolution 9."

Why, Mojo? Why why why why why?

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  1. Derek

    I think if they could the Beatles would go back an cut Revolution 9 from the album.

    So glad they haven’t done this with other classic Brit bands….leave the Kinks and Stones be!

  2. Must have received this in my brain’s RSS reader; this morning I woke up singing Beatles tracks and was compelled to put the White Album on whilst readying myself for work.

    Great Friday post!

  3. I got a gift subscription to Mojo a few years ago and loved it…I’d resubscribe if I had extra money. I still have some of the CDs that came with it and they’re usually good, so it’s too bad about those Beatles songs. I can appreciate a good cover tune but bad covers make my ears hurt.

  4. The problem with the Beatles is that they produced a fair amount of stuff that was mindless pop music in the first place (never mind the covers). Lennon himself said so. In the Playboy interviews he dissed more Beatles tunes than he praised. “Hello Goodbye”? “Yellow Submarine”? Yikes. It’s pap.

    Anyone who really loves Rock n’ Roll goes through a period of hating the Beatles for this reason.

    But then there are the genius gems like “Day in the Life” and my favorite Beatles tune, “Tomorrow Never Knows” that make you come back, eventually.

  5. Ach, they were bad enough the first time around. Its hard to believe that nothing else worthy of covering has been created in the past 30 years.

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