1. You had me at colonizing Austin…funny stuff. I was wondering what was going on, I mean last winter wasn’t *that* bad…oh, wait…

    Love the idea of a best content contest. No tweets.


  2. I miss you as well Doug ;)

    I’ve already found a bar owned by a Bostonian that shows all Sox, Pats, Celts and even Bruins games…which will be nice watching in shorts in February ;)

    Looking forward to seeing Bryan again and completing our evil plan to annex Austin into Massachusetts.


  3. All this talk about February in Austin. How’s August treating you? There’s only one way to go from shorts, and we don;t need that mental picture.

  4. Let’s see if we can colonize Detroit next…

    And the next time I’m back in Boston, I’ll challenge you to a game of Strategulous, Yahtzulous, or Hungry Hungry Hippoulous.

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