Utterzcast: To Absent Friends


Just got back from a goodbye Tweet-up for Bryan Person, who is leaving Boston for Austin, Texas. Seems like a lot of Bostonians are moving there. Hmmm.

How much does location matter? Not as much as it used to, though face-to-face is still best.

Heard of the old toast "to absent friends?" We have more of them now than ever, thanks to online social networks.

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  1. Doug, I think your assessment at the end is right on here: “Location matters, but it’s not a killer.”

    In my case, I think I’ve built up a network here in Boston that is solid, and that can remain so if I continue to use all of the online channels (e-mail, Twitter, blog commenting, etc.) to remain in touch and stay connected. But I also hope that I can travel back here to make the occasional in-Person appearance at events.

    My approach is to maintain and strengthen relationships through a mix of virtual and face-to-face connections. Social media makes the former feasible. Airplanes, in my case, should help with the latter!

    Hope to see you at an SMB Boston this fall, Doug. Thanks for your kind wishes today.

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