Pan Mass Challenge; Rider’s Eye View

A week after the event, I am still awed by the experience of riding the Pan-Mass Challenge. More than that, I am awed by the generosity of the people who stepped up to sponsor me; in fact I was stunned and humbled to make my fundraising minimum of $3,400 the day before the ride, even though the PMC organizers give us until October 1 to raise our funds.

If you would like to jump on, my fundraising page is still open– just go to this link.

The video below gives snippets of my view of the 2-day ride, but a few impressions in words:

  • The people cheering along the side of the road, all along the trail, were an inspiration. A number of them let us know they were cancer survivors themselves
  • The signs posted along the entrances to the water stops, reminding us of the children with cancer who benefit from the fundraising
  • The many volunteers who fed, sheltered and otherwise helped us riders worked harder than anyone on a bike
  • It was great to meet up with Duncan Perry, one of the folks who originally encouraged me to sign up for the PMC, in Bourne
  • A huge shout-out to the Team 9 folks: Lee, Eva, Jose and Erik, who picked me up on Day 2 when I was really dragging and let me ride with them until the finish. Despite the many hills up the last leg, I felt like I finished strong thanks to those folks

Pan-Mass Challenge – One Rider’s View from Doug Haslam on Vimeo.

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