Social Media Top 5: Phweet Phound of Phuccess

Ok, trying to make a pun I made a naughty sounding blog title. Dear me. Well, here I go, thanks to some phriends on Twitter:

  1. Phweet? Phounds like im Liphping. Not sure how this audio-for-Twitter service works here, but I’ll add it to the pile along with, Plurk, Rejaw, Jaiku, Brightkite and a bunch of other services I could use more. Or not.
  2. Is “Editorial” the same as “Blog?” Perhaps there are some logical gymnastics performed in this article, but as I feel it’s healthy to look beyond format and examine content and intent, they may be closer cousins than some bloggers – or editors – may want to admit.
  3. Has the Age of Blogging as the path to fame passed to the Age of Twitter? Ask longtime, well-read blogger Francine McKenna, whose Twitterings led to an appearance in the Financial Times. I will agree that Twitter is getting more mainstream press mentions lately.
  4. As the social media world kept their ear to the virtual ground for advance word of Sen. Barack Obama’s choice of a presidential running mate, I can only think that this sweepstakes could have been settled via a YouTube contest. This struck me as a model for a winning entry:
  5. And last, I just thought this was a nice “down for maintenance” message.

Hat tips to Bostonwriter, Scott Pooler, John Carson and Francine McKenna

Utterzcast: Keeping score is fun but then what?


Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I love keeping score and following shiny round numbers. I can also get quite competitive in my work if someone gets my back up.

That said, I separate those fun bits from what really pushes us all forward; content and ideas, fueled by your community (community or content first? That’s another topic).

That’s why I am not a fan of the PRWeek blog contest (…ction/477). I know I have said it before in several places, but what a bunch of nonsense encouraging us to act like we’re in junior high school. Where’s the celebration of the best content? Where are all the great ideas? PRWeek could own this, and then it would be great. Oh well.

Maybe I should start my own contest. What’s your favorite PR blog content? Want to share?

By the way- is not in the contest. I have never branded my blog as stricly PR. That’s fine by me.

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Utterzcast: Do you need rules?


I am one of those people that likes to break rules, but also likes to have them in place first. Does that make me not so"free?" I don’t think so. Maybe I like editing over writing due to this.

I think of it this way; even most improvisitory jazz musicians vamp over a predetermined set of chord changes, often based on a Broadway tune. Even the truly "free" jazz usually rests on some loose framework.

How about you? Do you need rules?

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Utterzcast: Mojo is making me hate the Beatles


I love Mojo, a great British music monthly. Their monthly CDs are often a treat featuring new bands, summing up trend. or highlighting a rock star’s influences and favorites.

But every once in a while, they unleash recreations of Beatle albums, comprised of cover versions, that are staggeringly awful. I mean, jam knitting needles into your cochlea awful. I have favorite Beatles covers, so this comes as a surprise, but just take my word for it- stay away.

The recent Revolver And Sgt. Pepper recreations gave me nightmares and eczema, so I am steeling myself for Disc 1 of the White Album. Bad enough? Next month they threaten us with Disc 2, including a cover of "Revolution 9."

Why, Mojo? Why why why why why?

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Utterzcast: I swear I’m not making this up


I had dinner with a friend last night I hadn’t seen in years. He is not involved in any way in tech, public relations or social media. But when I was explaining what I do and started talking about blogs, he said, unprovoked: "Do these companies realize that they no longer have control of their messages?"

I swear he had no coaching, but damn he’s smart. Did I mention he’s not in social media? He’s not even in the business world!

Forgetting for a moment that I could argue the nuances of the "no control" notion, that’s an incredibly perceptive thing to say. An eye-opening- or, to go with hyperbole suggested by the photo, a parting-of-the-skies moment.

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Utterzcast: Still thinking that content is #1


Like a lot of folks, I spend much time figuring out the best way to get to good content efficiently. As a public relations professional, I particularly seek out blogs that discuss my profession.

RSS feeds? Great, and primary, but hard to keep up with.

Contests for best PR blogs, like the current PRWeek contest? Blech, though maybe I,ll find a couple of new blogs to check out. The contest may worth its own post.

For me, it’s the content of posts themselves that attracts, and they could come from anywhere. Twitter, FriendFeed and others tend to bubble up the best posts for me.

What’s your method?

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Utterzcast: To Absent Friends


Just got back from a goodbye Tweet-up for Bryan Person, who is leaving Boston for Austin, Texas. Seems like a lot of Bostonians are moving there. Hmmm.

How much does location matter? Not as much as it used to, though face-to-face is still best.

Heard of the old toast "to absent friends?" We have more of them now than ever, thanks to online social networks.

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Pan Mass Challenge; Rider’s Eye View

A week after the event, I am still awed by the experience of riding the Pan-Mass Challenge. More than that, I am awed by the generosity of the people who stepped up to sponsor me; in fact I was stunned and humbled to make my fundraising minimum of $3,400 the day before the ride, even though the PMC organizers give us until October 1 to raise our funds.

If you would like to jump on, my fundraising page is still open– just go to this link.

The video below gives snippets of my view of the 2-day ride, but a few impressions in words:

  • The people cheering along the side of the road, all along the trail, were an inspiration. A number of them let us know they were cancer survivors themselves
  • The signs posted along the entrances to the water stops, reminding us of the children with cancer who benefit from the fundraising
  • The many volunteers who fed, sheltered and otherwise helped us riders worked harder than anyone on a bike
  • It was great to meet up with Duncan Perry, one of the folks who originally encouraged me to sign up for the PMC, in Bourne
  • A huge shout-out to the Team 9 folks: Lee, Eva, Jose and Erik, who picked me up on Day 2 when I was really dragging and let me ride with them until the finish. Despite the many hills up the last leg, I felt like I finished strong thanks to those folks

Pan-Mass Challenge – One Rider’s View from Doug Haslam on Vimeo.

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