Utterzcast: Internet Famous


I read a nice post by Geoff Livingston at www.livingstonbuzz.com yesterday on Internet fame. He went off on the idea of being popular for popularity’s sake, like current Wired cover girl Julia Allyson. I agree, but it obviously works for her. She has a goal and she’s reaching it.

For those of us who use social media in business, Allyson’s goals are shallow and ultimately useless. I don’t want to get invited to parties, I want to trade information and help my clients and my employer.

The key, and Geoff was generous enough to include me as an example, is a deft mix of the personal and the professional, and giving as much as you get.

Allyson follows very few people on her Twitter account. Is she being interactive and social? That’s just one outlet, so it’s hard to judge her overall.

I operate on the idea that every one I converse with online has something to teach me. Who and when? Finding out is part of the fun.

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