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Social Media Top 5: Jonesin’ for PodCamp Boston 3

A few less-than-consequential things picked up this past weekend at PodCamp Boston 3. There’s only four to start, but that’ll do:

  1. Quote of the weekend: “This is where I ran out of Schlitz.” Joe Cascio, describing the end of inspiration for assembling his presentation on distributed microblogging. I decided to adopt the phrase as any expression of running out of steam. I was completely out of Schlitz the Monday after PodCamp, for instance.

    By the way, Joe pointed me to the inspiration for his turn of phrase:

  2. Another quote:

    “I’m working on my personal bland.”

    That was actually me, misspeaking at a moment when I was totally out of Schlitz. There are some folks out there who could stand to work on their personal bland, now that i think on it.

  3. Yet another quote (paraphrased):

    “The light saber doesn’t make a mess– it cauterizes the wound as it cuts through.”

  4. PodCamp Boston 3 - Christopher S. Penn

    Of course, PodCamp lead organizer Christopher Penn dispensing useful info, as usual.
    (photo by C.C. Chapman)

    PodCamp Boston 3: Chris Brogan

  5. Wandering Troubador Chris Brogan solidified my musical ambivalence with multiple renditions of the Counting Crows’ “Mr. Jones.” As an antidote, and for the last word, I submit this far superior “Jones” song, the great Billy Paul singing “Me and Mrs. Jones.”

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One Response to Social Media Top 5: Jonesin’ for PodCamp Boston 3

  1. Adam Zand says:

    We must put an end to the ChrisBroganization of PodCamp hallway music!
    Suggestion 1 – Next several events will require all acoustic guitars to be played by Natalie Gelman and Jody Gnant and people who don’t have day jobs in social media.
    Suggestion 2 – Someone teach Brogan AC-DC, Run DMC, Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Wilco or anything that doesn’t suck

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