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Utterzcast: Give it Up


Ever notice that if you stop something for a while, you do it even better when you pick it up? Sometimes you need a fresh perspective- and a little rest, whether you are brainstroming creative ideas, writing a document, or looking for your keys.

I find the same effect occurs in physical activity. My bike training has been sporadic lately, especially with PodCamp 3 this past weekend, but when I got on this morning, I was flying; 26.8 miles at over 18 mph.*

I also used the same "take a break" method to find my misplaced helmet.

Since I mentioned my biking, I should plug the Pan Mass Challenge, which I am riding in 12 days. I still have $900 to raise, and would appreciate your help. Just go to and click the blue PMC logo at the right- thanks!

*Estimate- I dropped my trip computer and it now thinks it is Canadian. I did the km to miles coversion in my head.

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One Response to Utterzcast: Give it Up

  1. alex Sicre says:

    I wished this worked with my golf game. Good luck with the Challenge.

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