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PodCamp Boston 3: “Smart Social Media Marketing”

For PodCamp Boston 3, I was fortunate to be invited to sit on a panel with crayon‘s Greg Verdino, Morpheus Media’s Adam Broitman (pictured below, with me, as a make-good for leaving him out of my “Bald Marketing Bloggers” post), and ooVoo’s Philip Robertson, titled “Smart Social Media Marketing. While the four of us did the bulk of the talking, the subject matter was driven by the audience.

Len Edgerly was kind enough to Live-Stream the session on He had to do it in two parts, which can be found:

Part 1:

Part 2.

Strike a Pose

In fact, the audience was so integral that I developed what will now be known as the “Cass pass” – calling on John Cass, who had his arm raised, when Greg asked me a question I needed to chew on before answering. That gave us all a good 5-7 minutes (I kid, John!).

For my part, I tried to hold up the PR end, coming from so-called traditional PR but having social media as part of the mix, and the conversation got me thinking about how do social media marketing agencies, and PR agencies that have social media skills along with the traditional chops, co-exist? (Part of my answer is that my employer, SHIFT Communications, works with C.C. Chapman and the Advance Guard work together on a client- and PodCamp sponsor- mDialog)

Other bits raised: Who is responsible for social media conversations (perhaps that depends on the organizations’ goals)? Who is doing social media right (I favored some smaller software builders and their quick-response habits on Twitters as great examples for all companies)? How can companies make their news stream interactive– or social (yes, we talked about the Social Media Press Release)? How do we best serve “lazy bloggers (I brought up the old “rip and read news” as an analogy)?

We didn’t solve the problems of the world, but showed a lot of people (there were about 140 ion the room) are thinking hard about these issues. Please have a look a the videos and give out your thoughts.

And also, see Greg Verdino’s own wrapup of the session.

And: my colleague Sandy Kalik has a live-blogging play-by-play here.

UPDATE: thanks to Kosso and Phreadz for making it possible to embed Len Edgerly’s qik videos.

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5 Responses to PodCamp Boston 3: “Smart Social Media Marketing”

  1. John Cass says:

    Doug, it was a great session, some good ideas discussed. Always glad to jump in and help with the questions to fill in for thinking time! :-)

    By the way was that my VRM question?

  2. it was indeed a great time!

    We must do again sometime.

    PS You are forgiven about forgetting I am bald :)

  3. Yes, thanks again for writing it up and making it a fun engaging panel. I enjoyed the banter and your perspective.

    Perhaps next time we should have barstools and a make-up artist to deflect the ‘shine.’

  4. Doug Haslam says:

    John– Um, yes, it was the VRM question. Yes. definitely (oh look Adam has his hand raised)

    Adam– we should meet at something other than a PodCamp Boston. I will broadcast when next I am in NYC.

    Philip- the pleasure was all mine. Barstools actually would have been cool.

  5. Eli Ally says:

    social media marketing is very popular on Facebook but FB is stricter now”-`

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