Utterzcast: PodCamp and sunken treasure


PodCamp Boston 3 is this weekend, and here are more thoughts on getting the most out of it. Make a plan; like the sign says, sunken treasure isn’t going to find itself.

Check the registered attendee list at www.podcampboston.org and pick a few people you would like to meet. Pre-introduce yourself via Twitter or a comment on their blog.

Mark off a few "must see" sessions on the schedule,

and wing it the rest of the way. You can’t always predetermine where that sunken treasure will be. Leave time for hallway networking and the new "Braintorrent" area.

And don’t forget to have a great time! If you’re going I will see you there.

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  1. I would suggest choosing one or two sessions a day you have to go to, then decide based on what else to go to spur of the moment. It worked for me at Podcamp NYC. I’d suggest going to the talk on Sunday about Podcasting’s Venn Diagram by the Rob Blatt fellow, but I’m a little biased.

  2. Rob– very cool– thanks for pointing out your session– I updated the post with proper links to the session schedule and attendee list, by the way

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