Social Media Top 5: FriendFeed All-Star Ballot & iPhone Stadium Flush

Lots of visual and video embeds today, so i’m sticking with four. Quality over quantity:

  1. FriendFeed’s “default” list of “Friends” reverts to same A-listers for everybody. Thanks to intrepid reporter Allen Stern of CenterNetworks for sniffing this out.
  2. Is Diebold taking notes for November?

  3. Twitter might buy Twitter search site Summize? Maybe it’s a rumor, but expect Summize to consummate the deal by going down for 24 hours.
  4. The iPhone 3G released today? I hope that AT&T has tested their network to withstand the millions of Mac fanboys simultaneously activating their phones. They could take a lesson from the people who build sports arenas:
  5. Google launches virtual world “lively.” It’s supposed to be more intuitive than Second Life (flying a fighter jet is more intuitive than Second Life), but from the looks of things this was not built with a Second life-style sex trade in mind:

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