Utterzcast: Bump in the Road


I hit a bump in the road- literally- in my training for the Pan Mass Challenge during the July 4th weekend. I blew not just an inner tube, but the whole tire, on a national holiday. My usual bike shop turned out to be closed- for the entire weekend, and this wa supposed to be my big 2-days-in-a-row training weekend.

So what do you do when you hit a bump in your plans? First is always: don’t panic. Assess the situation, find alternatives (another shop was open the next day). Make adjustments (late start the next day, additional long ride the 3rd day). Get everyone else on board (the family was understandif my coming home later and taking the extra day).

What might you dd to the list?

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  1. Next: Be thankful that you didn’t trash YOURSELF along with the tube and tire. Equipment can get fixed a LOT more quickly than road rash.

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